my sister is pregnant!!!

Thursday, June 20

Happiness and babies all around! My gorgeous sister is pregnant with her first! She announced it to the family when we were all together in St. George and even though I had a FEELING, I still bawled like a baby once she said those magical words, "we're pregnant!" And those are some stinking magical words. When she came to visit a few years ago and saw my six-month pregnant belly in person for the first time, it was allllll Kleenex, so all is fair in love and hormones! I can hardly express how excited I am to watch her become a mother. To see it change her life completely and perfectly and fill up every ounce of her being with the greatest love she's ever felt. She is going to be the best mama in the world. PLUS LOOK AT HER. We've always said that she was the cutest kid in our family. Just imagine the fabulous child that is going to come from that chubby-cheeked little face right there. I can't wait! Funnily enough, if she delivers near her due date, our babes are set to be exactly the same age apart as we are: two years and two months. I mean!
It's the greatest thing in the world when you get to experience motherhood with the person you grew up playing mommies with. I'm so over-the-moon happy for you Caytlyn! Love you!


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