I suppose we'll just call this one, fighting in public

Tuesday, June 18

Boots: Target, Jeans: H&M, Tee: American Apparel {not online anymore} :( Hat: Free People, Sunglasses: H&M

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate and will avoid confrontation at all costs. If there's an argument starting to happen even in the same room as I am, my approach is essentially to run. Ruuuuuun awayyyyyy. I would say that I'm a peacemaker, but with less valiance. So when we were walking to the park on Sunday, the worst of the confrontational worst happened. ;) An old Honda with the windows rolled down suddenly swerved and parked on the side of the road just a short way up from where we were walking on the sidewalk, the passengers inside spewing out a colorful rendition of, I HATE YOU GET OUT OF THE CAR YOU RUIN EVERYTHING, YOU'RE THE WORST PERSON ON PLANET EARTH, etc, etc. Obviously a couple. And there we were in plain sight. Just us and the couple with their windows down. It quickly turned into one of those situations where you're trying to look natural but you slow your pace way down and start talking through your teeth like, what do we dooo? Do we turn around? No, they've already seen us. Do we stop? Maybe they haven't seen us. Is there an extremely dense thicket of trees around here? Did anyone bring their invisibility cloak? Should we just WALK BY like we can't hear them? Will they punch us?
I mean, level 10 panic. Avoidance approach shot to smithereens.
I wish I could say that there was a resolution to the argument. Did he ever get out of the car? Did he stop ruining everything or being the worst person in the world? Does she love him again? We DO know that they never saw us. We think? At least they never let up on account of us reluctantly walking by in deep, deeeeep conversation. Which I suppose in a way, is the less awkward, and more honest approach to the whole situation. Like, YOU know we're fighting, WE know we're fighting, let's just not pretend like this is anything but what it is. Friends? Friends. It's a win-win when everyone honors the avoidance code.

Also, anyone looking at this outfit and wondering if I have a heat-stroke death wish, this is what we'll call a #throwbacktuesday {sure} to a day when mother nature was not 100% on board with it being June. She's making up for it now though.


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