a rainy day in the neighborhood

Tuesday, June 11

The summer rain is here. 
More than a few mornings we've woken to that drip drip drop of rain pouring onto our roof, down through the gutter and splashing on the sidewalk below. It's the sound that I fall asleep to with my sleep sounds app every night, {the one I use is called urban rain? While it was playing, my sister asked if it was static, so that's how good it is at sounding like urban rain} and as much as I love that app with all my heart, try as it might, it's just not .... quite. That real drip drip drop is the sound of cloudy skies, and wet green grass. And the opening of your eyes to peek out your window at the sleepy street below, hear that your baby is still quietly snoozing in the next room over, and cuddle down deeper into your warm sheets. Drip drip drop.
The truly wonderful thing about summer rain is that it's warm. And soft in a way, sort of. Even when it's coming down so hard that you feel it start to soak through your baseball hat, you're content to keep walking. Warm drops on your cheek, rubber boots squeaking on the sidewalk that you have all to yourself, and the neighborhood gardens getting watered as you pass.
I need to get this guy some rubber boots.
On this particular rainy day, we practically had the whole town to ourselves. Aside from the occasional dog walker under an umbrella, it was just us and the puddles, which we made sure were thoroughly splashed. Our final destination was the library, which doesn't open until 10, so we took our time. Worked out well for this guy, lover of driving little red cars through puddles.
We wandered. But we did indeed get to the library at 10, where we absorbed some knowledge.
And then we wandered all the way home. When I went around to the front of the stroller to unbuckle Everett, there he was, alone in his seat, looking up at me. WEENT?? he said.
Wink done gone and lost himself. Don't ask me how I missed him falling out. Though I'm pretty sure it's because I'm downright worthless when I'm on a phone call.
So we turned around and headed back out, retracing our steps while crossing our fingers real tight that our favorite owl had not yet been run over by a bike or adopted as some dogs newest chew toy. I'm going to tell you, as dumb as it sounds, that is a long anxious walk, looking for your son's best pal out in the rain. Sarcastic pats on the back all around. Three cheers for mom! But Everett was feeling hopeful so he kept calling, Weeeeent ... Which apparently was great strategy because on the next block we found him. Face down, wet, and a little dirty, but even more loved than before.

I think in this moment, Everett was making his apologies for dropping him. ;)
 hip hip, we got our guy!
We headed home, dumped all our wet stuff on the floor, piled on the bed with some toys and kept listening to the drip drip drop on the rooftops outside
 We love these days.


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