Friday, May 31

Photo from my mom's wedding. More pics to come!

These are my siblings. All five of us. Chelsey, the one next to me, has always been the sunshine of our family. I was out of the house for most of her growing-up years, so getting to see her now at 17 is awesome. She's no longer my littlest baby sister, but this really funny, bright, athletic, girl with LEGS holy cow, who is the most fun to stay out with, laughing our butts off in the back booth of a restaurant until way too late. Caytlyn, the one with the enviable mermaid hair, is the coolest of our crew. There's this picture of all of us that was taken a few years ago, standing around in a circle, gut laughing. Like almost in an ugly cry way, because of that girl right there. We adore her sense of humor. She is the caretaker, the homemade card maker, the one that children flock to because they know she's going to be the most fun. Everyday I wish for a day that would allow us to live right next door and raise our future babies together. Ethan, our handsome brother, lone ranger in this sisterhood of the traveling pants saga, is the smartest of the entire family, maybe even including a few branches back on the family tree. He is also the boy who is one of the best in his MMA class while still maintaining a continual love for bow ties and suspenders. And my son adoresssss him, to put it lightly. 13 is certainly a better age on him than it was on any of us. And Jillyan, beautiful Jillyan, is a kindred spirit. She is the best friend, the listener, the advice taker and giver. Proud member of the Army and the most likely to whoop any and all of our trash at anything involving strength, endurance and/or woman's rugby.
We've been spread out over the country for years now, so getting us all together is the most rare and wonderful of occasions. An endless number of my favorite memories are with these four. We share all of our sameness, our childhood and our laugh, and all of our differences. All of our vast differences that somehow bring us back around to common ground, and serve as some of each others greatest supports. I'm never not missing them or wishing we lived closer. But good golly if it wasn't a stinking good time while we were together. LOVE THEM.


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