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Friday, May 10

I've mentioned before how Everett is sort of a man's man. The older man's man, to be specific. When we take him to the nursery at our church, he'll only go in if there are a few men around to keep him company. If we're mingling with friends and there's an older man around, you can bet Everett will find him and wrap his arms around his leg. And if there's a grandpa on an airplane, by some miracle we'll find our seat next to him. They are his people, his kindred spirits, and somehow they always seem to find each other. I suppose this doesn't surprise me entirely. He's always been bright and curious, but also very serious and contemplative, quiet and observant, with an expressive brow that furrows easily and takes the world in at his own pace. An old soul from birth. On the first leg of this last flight coming out here, I was NERVOUS. 18-month-olds are a different ballgame and we had 8 hours of travel ahead of us. But we sat next to this kind gentleman. Everett climbed over to his lap almost immediately and they quietly watched the planes go by outside the window together. Mid-flight I was having trouble putting E to sleep, so amazingly, this man asked if he could try. No surprise, Everett snuggled right in, held his hand and went straight to sleep. I felt guilty immediately. MY arms were supposed to be the ones getting tired holding him while he slept. Not some sweet guy who was previously enjoying a leisurely game of solitaire with two hands, sans baby. But he insisted and eventually zonked out right along with Everett. {Which was stinking CUTE, by the way.} I'm never going to forget him. Which might sound a little melodramatic, but truly, his kindness shocked me and I was so grateful for an extra pair of loving arms to hold my baby, especially since that baby already adored him so much. 
After the flight, he helped me with my bags and stroller, made sure we knew the gate for our connecting flight, and then gave me his card so that we could look him up if we were ever in his home state. I could tell that he was sort of fond of that Everett. I just hope he knows what a difference he made for one little boy and his mama that day. There are some pretty wonderful people in this world.


Unknown said...

Omg love this post! How sweet!

And that second picture, I literally laughed out loud!

Michaela of H&H

Anonymous said...

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