home sweet home

Thursday, May 30

We finally flew home to Tyson the other day. Oh how we had missed that man! I'm certainly not going to complain about getting to spend a month with my family, because we had THE best time, but gosh dang if a month without my love isn't a long long time. Everett dove into his arms the second he saw him and wouldn't leave his shoulder until he absolutely had to be buckled into his car seat. I dropped our bags and we stood at the back of our car, arms around each other, just the three of us again. Gosh, I love those two boys of mine. We've been spending every second possible together since then, so I haven't unloaded a single picture from my camera or even thought of opening my laptop until now. But that's what weekends are for! Right now, there's still lots of catching up to do.


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