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Thursday, May 9

I hadn't intended for it to be so quiet over here, but I jumped on a plane with Everett last week to see my family and it's been so sweet and so relaxing, I sort of let everything else fall to the side for a second. I've been visiting this red-rocked dixieland with my family since I was a little girl, but now that my family lives here, it feels like this has been home forever. I swear it's the weirdest thing, but I haven't missed going home to North Carolina yet. Maybe one day I'll wake up in a cold home-sick sweat, desperate for our old brick house on the hill and wet air and southern accents and vinegar-based BBQ. But this place. THIS place! The red bluffs, and green fields, the brightest blue sky, and the rust-colored earth. And the dry, dry air that just leaves your hair the freak alone! It's a field of dreams, man. It's home. It's sunshine. It's naked babies running free on the back porch at sunset. It's sisters and one little brother. Grandparents, and dirty dr. peppers {death by Dr. P + coconut}, hiking, swimming and waffles at 3pm. I'm always gonna get sappy about it and that's just the facts.
So is this guy, sitting in his yard MADE OF ROCKS.
Little brothers are great for stuff like this, you know?
Hey and anyone who is ever coming out to these St. George parts, Xetava out at Kayenta is a major thumbs up.
erryday they're photobombing
Love this boy. Love this place.

Miss my man.


Gem Camille : BLACKBIRD said...

Oh you babe you! Love it, and love the blog, and that hat of yours Oh that hat! where oh where is it from. Perfections.x Gem

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