Wednesday, May 15

Shoes: c/o Shoemint, Pants: H&M, Tee: Thrift, Sunglasses: H&M, Hat: Free People

I like these pants for two reasons.

One: I'm not always entirely sure how to dress myself in the spring, when layering becomes either non-existent or a really bad decision. Lately, all of my outfits have seemed to morph, plain and simple, into the jeans and t-shirt combo, which is becoming my favorite. The less I have to think about these things in the morning, the better. Enter, the beetlejuice jeans. Sort of the throwback solution for keeping things a tiny bit more interesting 1988 style.

And two: I believe in owning at least one {or five, whatever} item{s} of clothing that you know you will regret in 10 years, but your kids might want to wear in 24. I swear, if my mom had JUST held on to those baseball tees and bell bottoms!


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