a weekend in park city

Tuesday, May 14

Hey, it's 2:30 in the morning! Let's blog. By the way, this always happens to me when I'm away from my bed and/or the handsome man who shares it with me. Staying up until I am near the point of face-planting into whatever it is I'm doing, has somehow become a better option than just falling asleep by myself at a decent hour. So we'll just run with it.
Park City! My mom and I headed up from St. George on Friday, picked my sister up in Provo and headed up the canyon to cabin it up with the Small Fry chicks, Emily, Jenna, Nicole and their sweet families. I don't think I went to bed before 2am there either. It was a girl-talk bonanza and such a good time. While we were there, I also had the chance to catch up with an old friend from our North Carolina days. She's become this wildly talented florist, and for my next wish I'd like to have just an eighth of her skill please. Utah needs to stop with this delicious food, mountain views and cozy stuff. We're spoiling rotten.
 For those who asked, this dress is from Free People!
Also, technically, we were supposed to be headed home yesterday morning. {And changing that flight, man. A tiny bit painful, I miss that husband of mine so much. Let's just thank the heavens for sexy face-time. ;)} BUT! Big news, my mom got engaged last week! They've decided to plan for a quick wedding at the end of the month so that all their children will be able to be there. So with that in mind, along with Everett's newly adjusted western time-zone schedule, etc, we just decided to extend our trip until then. I am soaking up all the extra time with my family. This NEVER happens and I'm so excited to finally get everyone together. Congrats, mama! I'm so happy for your happiness.


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