Wednesday, April 24

 Dress: Cynthia Rowley from Marshalls {old}, Sweater: c/o Ruche {old}, Bracelets: F21 and Vanessa Mooney

Tuesdays are one of our favorite days of the week. On Tuesdays, Tyson comes home right after work, so they are the days for scheduling things after 6pm. Milk runs, gym, meetings, and whatever else there is to do when you have a car all to yourself. They are also the days for going out together and keeping Everett up just a tad past his bedtime, for a swing at the park before sunset or a walk down the street. Tuesdays are the days that I get a call saying, "Come out to the porch. I've got soup and salad and I'm two minutes away." Yesterday was one of those Tuesdays. Tyson jumped out of the car and gave us both a kiss, snuggled Everett and brushed his fuzzy head with his hand a bit after buckling him into his car seat. We took off with the windows down, talking about our day, eating and sharing bites with Everett in the back seat. It was a bit of a busier night, with two meetings at the church for us to squeeze in before the little guy's bedtime, but with the later sunset feeling reminiscent of summer and all of us together, it didn't really matter. In most ways I've really adapted to this time in our lives. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the schedule, with everything that Tyson and I are working to accomplish the best that we can. But then I remember that I'm not the one working full-time, getting a master's degree, hitting the gym and then coming home at midnight to finish working on a paper ... and I feel GREAT! ;) If there's one person that I admire more than anyone for his hard-work and constant positive attitude, it's my husband. I love and appreciate him more than anything. Life is so sweet with him, somehow now more than ever.

And that about does it for today's round of sap.


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