Monday, April 15

Finally, New York! I was so lucky to be included in the launch of Bugaboo's newest collaboration with Andy Warhol. They kindly flew me and a few of my favorite girls {Laura from Ascot Friday, Emily, Jenna and Nicole from the Small Fry Blog, and Casey from The Wiegands} out for the event. Aaaaand of course the NY girls, beautiful Latonya and my lady love Natalie were there too. They put us up at the Standard on the High Line and dang you guys, standing at that window, tossing my shoes off and taking in the kick-A views of the meatpacking district below, I felt so lucky and undeserving about the whole trip altogether, it was so very very nice of them to treat us. So let's photo dump this thing!

The view. From both the window aaaaand the shower. Hello see-through walls!
I knew that it was going to be a whirlwind of a trip so for the first hour after I checked-in, I sprawled out on the bed with a magazine and some snacks and soaked in the sunshine. It was qui-eeeeeet. So quiet that you sort of want to pump your fist in the air and shout something profound like, "yes! ha-ha!" to commemorate this moment of alone time. While at the same time, it also makes you miss the sound of "mama" so much that your magazine falls to the side while you text a request for a picture of your little guy immediately.
For lunch, I met Nicole, Jenna and Emily down at the Little Owl {right under the famed Friends apartment exterior}. I have been reading Emily's personal blog foreverrr, long before I even started my own, so I silently geeked out for a second. They are rad. All of them. Like instant second sisters.
We spent the whole day all over the city. They were filming the most beautiful little family, so we stopped off at bakeries and cheese shops, walked endless blocks and talked each others ears off.

That night we all rushed back to the hotel to freshen up and heel it up, and head out to the Bugaboo + Andy Warhol event. The DJ was 9-years-old and cooler than I'll ever be. The food was amazing {thumb-sized mini cheeseburgers!} and we all had a blast! {The collaboration is stinking cute. You can pre-order here.} Afterward I met up with a good friend and went out for a late dinner and a live band performance until 11, at which time my body felt like it had been sledge-hammered, so I taxied on back to the room. At 11! WEAK!
I don't know if it was the bed or finally taking my feet off the ground and putting them IN the bed, but I slept like a rock that night. I never realize how much I DON'T sleep like a rock, until I sleep in a good hotel bed and wake up feeling like gangbusters.

A red tandem bike in the village. For pete's sake, I had to!
The next morning, we had brunch at Pastis with the whole Bugaboo team. Amazing women. Amazing food. Pastries! Eggs Benedict! And a little chamomile tea for an over-used voice. I was lucky enough to sit next to the CMO from Amsterdam. She was middle aged and had this blonde-I-don't-try-at-all hair and was just cool cool cool. I felt like I won brunch a little bit.  
We also did the Empire State that day, which is one of the few touristy things that I would say is truly truly worth it, just for the trumpet-sounding moment you feel, as a Sleepless in Seattle fan, when you walk through the front doors and it's like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are there in spirit with you.

After another day of city-ing around with all the girls, and getting back to the hotel much later than expected, we vetoed our Chelsea Market plans and headed down to the Standard Grill, ordering a table full at 10:30.
That night. Man, I went to bed a blundering, exhausted fool. But I have been totally under-rating sleepovers. 
Packed my bags the next morning, and took off to see my loves. And it took me a cold, a decent case of airport food poisoning and a few days to recover.
Such a great trip.


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