easter weekend

Monday, April 1

On Saturday, our sweetest friend Melissa invited us out to her family's farm for the afternoon. It was gorgeous out, I think the warmest day we've had this year, and their baby calves were in the barn. I'm almost certain that there is nothing else Everett would've rather been doing with his day than testing out his new legs in wide open spaces and mooing at some cows. We had parental googly-eyes watching him the entire day. He is an absolutely serious soul, always content and observant. And he just looks like such an old man now! Toddling off for blips of experimental independence because he knows he can. I tell you, it was like chicken soup for the soul, out in the sunshine, having my two boys to myself for the entire day. Dreamboats, the both of em. Thank you so much for showing us your gorgeous land Melissa!

Of course on the way home, we had to stop by the farmers market that Melissa had recommended solely for their pies. Those apple crisp, raspberry-apple, rhubarb, strawberry-cherry pies that make you wonder if you're better or worse off for having discovered them. There was the sweetest couple there, loading their red wagon full of flowers. They have a grandchild also named Everett and as to be expected, there was a little grandpa bonding on Everett's part. Old souls have to stick together you know.
Easter Sunday, there are no pictures for! A shame too because against all odds and probably genetics I made my first Easter ham. We skipped out on any egg hunt this year. Earlier in the week, I watched as Everett sat in a pile of plastic eggs, taking the candy piece out of each one and throwing it to the side so that nothing would impede putting his egg halves back together. Wildly entertaining those things! With eggs like that we figured the Easter bunny can probably wait till year 2. ;) In the evening, we gathered around the dinner table with a group of friends while our kiddos played with each other, and we talked long, probably too long into the night. Friends feel a whole lot like family out here and we are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Hope you had a beautiful Easter! And may you not be eating ham sandwiches for 5 weeks straight like we will be.


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