earth day

Monday, April 22

Shoes: c/o Shoemint, Dress: Target Maternity {i know!}, Bracelets: F21, Vanessa Mooney

This is actually a maternity dress, so the shape of it is rather bump friendly, whether you have a bump or not. Or even if your bump is just a residual food baby bump. But I am not pregnant. I just liked the thing.

Did you have a good Earth Day? Ours was a little chilly, but Everett didn't really care much since I don't think there is anyone more in love with this green earth than he is. We spent our day as we usually do, with the sticks and the grass and the dirty knees with an additional man-hunt through the town for the ever illusive fiddle-leaf fig tree. {And fiddle sticks, fiddle leaf! We getttt it, you're a hard catch} It was a stinking good day, actually. As cliche as this might be, I don't think there's anything that's made me appreciate this simple wonders of this earth than having a little one to show them to. I hardly miss a single bird hopping across the grass anymore. These things are important now. Squirrels and dogs are even more important. But it's not just that. It's not just keeping my eye out for the things that will light HIS eyes up. I crave being outdoors amongst the bright, beautiful green. With the sunshine, and a warm breeze and your sandals crunching into the ground as you walk. Those things have settled around me like a muffling blanket sometimes, drowning out the noise of schedules and stresses and those stupid days that have left me with a tight, stubborn lump in my throat. Again and again, they've gently opened my mind to be refilled with quiet and peace and that sweetest love like a warm blanket. I am so thankful for this earth, our home. And my chance to help create our own little piece of heaven on it. Goodness knows, we're trying every day.


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