Monday, March 25

 Shoes: ASOS, Skirt: ASOS, Shirt: F21, Jacket: H&M, Sunglasses: Target, Necklace: Atomically Adorned

I suppose I should just tell you that it wasn't sunny out at all when these were taken. Those sunglasses are not preventative measures against squinting; not even a so-called fashion statement. Those sunglasses are to hide the still puffy evidence of my pathetically low pain tolerance. I smashed my finger in the car door. I had a sleeping baby slumped over my shoulder and I smashed it in there like I meant it. There are always a few options when a good appendage smashing takes place. You could yell of course, swear, grab your injured appendage and double-over as necessary. OR you could not wake the sleeping baby, hold your finger out in front of you and whisper ohmyfrjfkdshjf!!! at it. The real danger comes though, after your arms are free again and a very convincing youtube video talks you into melting a hole into your sensitive, bruising nail bed with a red hot paper clip to, get this, make yourself feel better!! Painless! it says. Pressure relieving! Pressure relieving, yes. Painless, NO. No-oo-oo. And I swear I almost mean it when I say that I would rather have contractions than smash my finger in a car door and play DIY doctor on myself again. And that is my weekend sob story!
Doesn't your Monday look bright? ;)

Also, speaking of not wearing color! ... just kidding, I guess.


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