how you too can be every hairstylist's worst nightmare

Thursday, March 14

Boots: clothing swap w/ miss Natalie Holbrook, Pants: F21, Top: c/o Windsor, Sunglasses: Target

Not that this is anything new, but I went ahead and did the one thing that you should never {ever!} do, as warned by your mother, your hairstylist and anyone else who cares even the tiniest bit about the mop on your head: buy a drugstore box that contains hair bleach. And herein lies the tale of lessons learned with such drugstore boxes.

Essentially my split-ends were getting out of control. And since I don't ever feel like paying money to cut an inch or two off, especially when I don't have any particular cut or style, I just decided to do it myself. But then the thought struck me: If you're going to cut your ends off ANYWAY, why not bleach them first?! And do that yourself too.


I'd seen YouTube reviews on the Feria Wild Ombre and the product seemed to pass the test with flying colors every single time, even with a wide range of hair colors. So even though the picture on the front of the Medium-to-Dark Brown box made me cringe in unadulterated fear, I went ahead and brought it home anyway. To prepare, I watched THIS video put together by Into The Gloss, while nervously sitting on the toilet lid with an old towel clipped around my shoulders ... as you do before you open bleach in a box. And it did wonders to ease my mind, you have no idea. Watch it.

They give you two options on the instruction sheet, for either a high contrast look or a more natural look. So I just did as I'd seen in the video: giggled and ate gummy worms and had a marvelous time flipping and twirling my hair and tried to only bleach every other one-inch chunk of hair. Which ended up being slightly harder than I thought, but mostly because I didn't have a hand mirror or an extra set of hands/eyeballs from a friend at the time. I'd recommend a friend! Husband. Child who's old enough to talk. Anyone.

But the great news is! Even in the most unideal circumstances, it ended up being hard to reallllllly mess up with the application of this stuff. Anytime I got bleach where I didn't want it, I'd just clean it off with a wet washcloth. And the application brush was very easy to use. In total I had the bleach solution on my hair for 30 minutes.

Then! I washed my hair and dried it and crap you guys, it was baaaad. Brassy, brassy orange. Like Halloween itself came and pooped on my head. And I don't know why I seem to be the only one who's had bad initial results with the color lifting?! I never came across even one bad review. Maybe because I wasn't using it on virgin hair? Because I didn't leave it on long enough? Because I didn't watch nearly enough videos? I don't know. But let me tell you, it wasn't great.

Strangely enough, I wasn't panicking at this point. See, this has happened to me before. Like two or three months after we were married I attempted to go all-over platinum by myself. We were poor college students and that box of bleach with Gwen Stephani's look-alike on the front was SO PROMISING. But instead, from root-to-tip, I was a remarkable shade of tangerine. And I cried. And my husband had his very first experience comforting the strange, orange, inconsolable version of his wife and it was a bonding experience, sort of. So life had been preparing me for this moment! I slept on my brassed-out ends that night, and then went again to the drugstore to pick up my solution: a nice dark, ash blonde. It set for 30 minutes on the ends, and then it, and the scissors that finally trimmed my ends, saved the day.

Also, I still can't really tell WHAT the color looks like? It photographs a little differently in various light {for example}, and I feel like it's a bit of a softer color in person. Still getting used to it. But overall, I'm pretty darn pleased. And I'm still relatively happy with the Feria product too, because it helped get me to the end results that I wanted. But don't let my brassy tale scare you away. I am literally the only iffy experience I have heard of with this stuff. And it was fixed, anyway!

Can you believe this ombré trend is STILL even going?


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