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Monday, March 18

Shoes: F21, Jeans: F21, Tee: c/o Lulu's, Sweater: thrifted, Blazer: c/o Frock Candy, Watch: ASOS, Sunglasses: Target, Necklace: Atomically Adorned

This weekend was spent backing slowly down the hallway on my knees, a little boy's beloved sippy-cup in hand, held juuuuust out of reach {motivation, you know!} for some brand-spanking new wobbly cowboyish walking legs. Yes, by George he did it! 16 and a half months, and THIS WEEKEND Everett decided his legs were ready. Everyone's always told us, be grateful he's still crawling, because when he starts walking, you are IN FOR IT. Which might be true. But the look on his face when he realized that he was doing it? As I was cheering with my mom poms-poms, You're doing it, buddy! Look at you! Keep going! One more step! and he was giggling in absolute delight at what his body was accomplishing? In for it or not, WALKING is pretty spectacular.

But then, a dilemma shot unexpectedly into my mind. Should I call Tyson at work to tell him the big news, or not? Should I even be asking myself this question? Seems like a generally horrible thing to think in the first place. But should I tell him that our son took his very first steps and it was amazing and unexpected and how cute it was that his walk looked like a sheriff on an old country Western ... and ... he missed it? Or should I keep it? And let him have his own experience with his son's first steps. He is such a devoted dad who adores his son more than I could ever say, and I suppose I felt like I wanted to protect him? Let him feel that yes, even though he's at work and he's at school a lot of the time, it's alright! Because he's not missing all of it. He could still have those first steps! And these are the things that you never think you'll think about! But after only a split second, I called him. Of course I called him, I couldn't not tell him. I knew that he would want to hear and celebrate in the moment with us. This was a mighty grand occasion, after all! And with a very detailed recounting, we had ourselves a proud and sweet parental moment over the phone. Oh my gosh, how we love that little boy.


Amy from Hammering Notes said...

Well done, Everett! He'll be running before you know it =) Love the blazer x

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