daydreaming of red rocks

Tuesday, March 26

Besides the finger smashing incident, this weekend was really, really good. Cold still, and cloudy. But goooood. On Saturday, we woke up as a family and made German pancakes, played together with Everett's toys in the living room and then went back to bed for a three hour {THREEEEEEE HOUR!!!!} family nap. And I'm writing whoever drugged us a thank you note. ;) We ran a few errands, came home and made some Rama Thai from scratch, bathed with our baby, put him to bed and then watched a movie together in our bed. Total blissed out day. Sundays are always a little bit difficult between balancing church and meetings and a little boy who is supposed to take a nap right in the middle of all of it, but can't. So on Monday when we woke up to snow, it felt like a little bit of a recovery day for me and my little buddy. We stayed home, and kept our sweats on, got back on a good schedule and practiced walking all over the house. But snow, as snow does in March, made me sort of want to bang my head against a wall. And I feel like I'm beating this weather horse to a clean pulp. But I am itchy! Itchy for desert warmth and my family and dirty dr. peppers from Swig. You know? Just a blazing 80 degree sun drying me up to a crispy crisp. Sign me up!
I was going through a few pictures last night and came across these from our trip out to see my family at the end of last summer. I have never actually lived among these red rocks, but gosh darn if they don't feel like home.
Mmmmm. Soul food.
Get me a plane ticket.


Lauren Foster said...

What beautiful pictures, and what a precious baby! There's no snow here in south carolina, but it sure is cold. I'm ready for our warm spring weather!

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