a farewell to color

Tuesday, March 19

Shoes: c/o Windsor, Dress: Thrifted, Jacket: c/o Windsor

Lately I've been noticing that the bright and colorful items in my wardrobe {all three of them} have been moving to the back of the closet {shoved, stuffed, mangled up with a pair of shoes, etc is my personal storage preference} and the blacks, neutrals and whites have all made their way to the front and put into rotation most often. For whatever reason I have always, aaaaalways felt the most like myself in these colors. Sign of some sort of blackened soul? Or an elderly soul, surely. {As a kid, I decorated my room in maroon and sage green. SAGE GREEN! I was like 80 years old before I even hit puberty} Or maybe I've always just been that dead-set against any load of laundry that cannot be sorted simply into two piles of darks or whites. Whatever it is, I doubt it's going to change much anytime soon. There's something awfully nice about looking into your closet and having a uniform of sorts to choose from. My clothes are currently being housed in Everett's room actually. {Smallest room, biggest closet? Cool house planning} So on some mornings I'm in there on my tip-toes with my cell phone flashlight, and about 30 seconds on the clock to pick something and run before he wakes up. 
SO? Black and White.


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I'm the same way! all black and white all the time-this outfit is spectacular!

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