tongues out! it's valentine's day

Thursday, February 14

Kidding. Keep your tongues where they are. 
Look at this boy! Just look at him!
He has stolen my heart since the second I laid eyes on him, and I don't mind a few heart-shaped pancakes to celebrate it either.  We're missing a daddy/husband in these pictures. That handsome hard-working man who gets up at 4am and doesn't come home from school till midnight sometimes. He is our valentine of valentines and we miss him all the time. {But breaking news, Everett just learned how to say hi daddy!, more like hida-ey, over the phone and it makes Tyson's day every time} Rumor has it, my valentine and I are getting away for a night next weekend AND I AM SO EXCITED. No, thrilled. Packing already.
If these two men in my life know anything, I hope they know that I love them. I love them, I love them with everything that I am. And I will support any holiday that encourages candy consumption in the name of love. Happy Valentine's Day!


Marie said...

Happy V day to u & ur adorable little one! :)

Mazsianti said...

Very nice :)

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