the fourth musketeer

Monday, February 4

And this is the story of our stuffed honorary family member:

We got Wink the Owl for Everett's very first Christmas, two months after he was born. He was almost exactly as long as our tiny baby boy and we used his owl-y yarn ears to tickle Everett's nose and make him smile. That toothless smile! We worked hard for it, me and Wink. Of course most of the time, Wink's place was in the toy basket. Or on the floor, unnoticed by his future partner in crime. Don't ask me why we bought him so early, the child could've cared less for the first half of his life. #newparents
Once 9-months rolled around though, Everett's sleep pattern started into fitful cycles and we decided that it was probably time to start sleep-training. For some reason I decided to do it on a weekend that Tyson was out of town? Just want to formally declare, that as DUMB. But it worked, regardless. I weaned him of his binky and put Wink in his crib with him instead. By the third night, Everett was sleeping through the night with Wink smashed under his belly and they've been mates for life ever since.
Wink was the very first word that I know Everett understood. We've lost him. And we've found him. He has soaked up Everett's crocodile tears in moments of distress. He has stayed tucked up under those little arms in the car and at the table, and he's been dragged across the floors en route to their next kitchen cupboard adventure. It's the sweetest little friendship. And as silly as it sounds, I love that dang owl too. Because he's the one who makes sure my sweet boy never feels alone in the middle of the night. And when his floppy sock body "dances" ... you guys. Gut-busting giggles.

And now for the lowest quality video there ever was! A snippet of your typical Everett/Wink interaction:

For those who have asked in the past, Wink is a BlaBla doll.


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