I'm in the mood for love and camo

Tuesday, February 5

Shoes: Fossil, Pants: Zara, Sweater: F21, Coat: c/o YesStyle, Scarf: c/o Taylor House, Sunglasses: Target

So I bought these pants what seems like ages ago. End of summer I think? They are the pants that I had a EUREKA! moment with in Zara and of course bought them immediately. From the purchase counter, to the plastic bag, to my bedroom, they finally found themselves hanging in the cramped quarters of my closet, a place that severely contrasted their former home: the bright white, music blaring, spasm-inducing space where wallets go to die. I stared at them, hanging crooked as they were, and they looked like weirdos. And I had a real honest go at being peeved with Zara and their mannequins for probably 20 minutes. 
Fast forward to now, this fabulous month of February. And I'm just feeling especially gushy and all la-la-la-love struck with a few particular things in my life. {You know what I'm saying? Are you feeling the vibes of the Hallmark and the red paper hearts yet?} And this morning I looked at the still crookedly hanging camo pants in the back of my closet and I thought, hey how about a little rekindling of that short-lived fling. I MEAN, WHY NOT? What's the worst that could happen? Matching outfits with at least three of the grizzled citizens of Winchester? I THINK YES.


He.She.&Eloise.... in the city said...

Darling outfit! So chic and warm looking. Those look like the perfect aviators too.

Anonymous said...

Great outfit, cammo pants and all. That scarf just ties it all together and makes you look super cozy!


Sora said...

I love the outfit!

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