a little peek into the living room

Thursday, February 14

Honestly, it gives me a slight case of the cringes to post these because I tend to be an all or nothing type of person. Don't look! It's not finished! But I suppose there is something to the whole "joy in the journey" gig, so here it is. The state of our living room, work in progress as it is. It's exciting you know? Getting pieces into your home that you really love? I'm just trying to take my time with the little things that will really give it that extra coziness. Like pillows! It's ridiculous that I am even writing a sentence about it, but I cannot be decisive with pillows to save my life. There are too many, you know? Ten options would be good, Etsy. Just a solid ten.
This happened on accident when I bought a frame that was just a hair too small for a large print. And now it is the home to a collage of old photos from my Mom and Grammy's life.
Remember this desk from instagram? Well it's back! All spiffed up. Alaya, the furniture talent of this outfit, patched up and re-stained the scratches in the wood, took the Formica off the top and replaced it with wood planks that are super knotty and raw looking, which I loved, and then drilled holes in place of the knobs. I LOVE how simplified it looks. Just speaks straight to my neutral palette-loving heart.
These little guys would be the equivalent of the "love fern" à la How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE LETTING THEM DIE SO HELP ME.
And this console! My sunny yellow ombre console. The amazingly talented people over at Implement Furniture generously sent this to us and we could not believe our good luck! We've been using it to house all our books and have been SO grateful for the quality craftsmanship. All the drawers and cupboards have a soft close so that Everett's little fingers never get pinched when he's "organizing" the books. And this thing is HEAVY. It's a quality beast. I mean, in the family for generations, great grand-kids are putting it in their foyer, BEAST. Because ombre will be back by then, surely.

Update: THIS JUST IN! Implement Furniture is generously offering The Daybook readers 15% off any furniture purchase with the code 15OFF! Right on.

 And that's that!


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