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Tuesday, January 15

Shoes: F21, Dress: c/o Stylemint, Jacket: H&M, Hat: F21, Watch: ASOS, Bag: Mishqua

Dresses and ankle boots are weirdos together sometimes. I've analyzed this outfit far too long and my eyes are starting to cross, but I do believe I've found the exact clothing dimensions needed to create the ideal stumpy leg. I think I'm still into it though. Leather jacket, pom-poms, boot-induced cankles, it could work. Honestly though, my legs can look as short as they'd like as long as I'm allowed to continue without tights for the rest of January. Keep those 60's coming sir East Coast.

The days are getting longer, have you noticed? I was driving home from running errands outside of Winchester the other day, right before sunset. As I topped my favorite ridge, before dropping down into the valley, the sun beamed its pinkish rays across the grey trees and the dark fields and the old barns in the distance and it made me suck in it was so beautiful. My two boys were sound asleep in their respective seats, so the moment was mine to take in for a split second before we dropped lower below the trees. This world is really powerful sometimes, how it can whip inside you for a moment and remind you to open your eyes and feel how small you are. Life for that instant is seemingly sorted and equalized in the balance: this is important, this is not, this is what needs to be done, this can be let go. And all this brought on by a teensy bit of this month's extra sunshine! Whodathunk there'd be anything good to say about January.


Urban Nester said...

Congratulations. You're the only person on the planet who can come up with something positive about January. :]


Shelby Osmond said...

Girl you are stunning. And no your calves do not look big. Love, love your writing. One day I will be able to think in such a way...

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. I would LOVE to know how much you weigh- you are tiny!

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