we walked and walked and walked without our coats on

Wednesday, January 30

Maybe it was the entire blogging community sending up their masses of complaints into the universe {the internet} about the woes that January was thrusting upon them. Or maybe it was my burnt offering of chicken kabobs the other night. Can't be sure. BUT SOMETHING WORKED! And it was 70 beautiful, balmy degrees out yesterday. We stripped ourselves of our layers and we walked for hours, splitting a few pumpkin muffins and a container of milk as we went. We spent time under the biggest tree with the greenest, leafy branches, {no idea WHERE it came from} and it breathed a little spring into our souls. We watched the train go by. We talked to strangers. We petted those stranger's dogs. And then we dunked our entire bodies in hand sanitizer. HA. The community came out of their winter nests and walked in singles and pairs, nodding to each other with smiles and commenting about the weather as they passed. This place has its moments. It has its street corners with the kindest people standing on them. It just kind of turns you into a big ol' pile of love sometimes.
 My contemplative Everett.
And my teenage Everett. {Although this does resemble some sort of tyrant rebellion, this is actually just a photograph of fake laughing. Because sticking fingers in your ears is the cleverest.}
This was cooking in the alleyway behind ones of my favorite restaurants and you could smell it for MILES.
 The inner workings of a beast of an old building.
and twenty-two, you sit above the prettiest door
You done good, January. You and Winchester make a handsome pair when you want to.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as always! Your photography skills are amazing, and I always love seeing pictures of your adorable little one. Great post!

Unknown said...

Jealous! Freeeeeeezing in London!

arielle elise. said...

Love this! and can so relate...it was warm the other day and it made me (esp. as a sahm) SO anxious for spring!! :)

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