the best places to thrift in winchester virginia {and a few of the things we've found so far}

Thursday, January 17

Excuse me while I talk house for a second ...
It's starting to come together in here. Like barely starting, but we're looking on the bright side! Our couch has been ordered, the final coat of varnish is finally on the kitchen table and a couple vintage Persian rugs that I got for a STEAL are making their way to us. My goal in organizing our home so far has been to gather a mix of large, modern standout pieces {ie: a more minimalist couch, a large abstract canvas over the fireplace, the gigantic and heart-slaying stendig calendar, the HOVET mirror etc.} with a few smaller thifted finds, that can either be fixed up with a little DIY TLC {how annoying is two acronyms in a row?} or left as is. I've had a bit of good luck around the Winchester area, scoring little nick-knacks and larger pieces of furniture here and there. And since there aren't too many great online resources for thrifting in this area, I thought I'd make my own for anyone who is local {or would like to make the drive!} The gist of it though? Winchester is a gold mine of old treasures.

Clocks! All in working condition, all with alarms that ring a little too well. And a little illustration of a boy to contrast the more modern looking OLUNDA alphabet picture I got for Everett's room.

I have five go-to places so far. {There are SO MANY in this area that I haven't been able to visit yet though. If you have any others that are favorites, feel free to add them in the comments!}

Past and Present // 725 N Loudoun St
I make out like a bandit almost every time I visit this place. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. It's probably my favorite for smaller, decorative finds. And dishes. You guys, their dish sets. They also have well-made larger pieces of furniture too, but they're usually more on the Victorian/traditional side. It would be a jack-pot if that's what you're looking for! Their prices always feel affordable and fair and the staff is really great.

GNC Antiques & Collectibles // 326 South Braddock Street

OK, this place is amazing. It'll pop your eyes right out of your head. Thing is, they've got the goods and they know it. Their general price point is a little spendy for me most of the time. As MUCH as I would love to throw $95 at that gorgeous Japanese wooden horse figurine the size of my foot, I JUST WILL NEVER DO IT. So the two things above are the only pieces I've ever walked away with from that store. You CAN find a bargain in there every once in a while. So I will keep checking back, drooling as I go.

I'm not even sure what that thing on the right is trying to be, but it's kind of rad right? I think I'll paint the frame white. And Miralles and Van Gogh prints because they cannot just keep sitting there at salvation army under florescent lighting.

The Modern Eclectic // online

The dresser on the left, along with the fan, the chest in the photo below and the tapestry one photo below that, were all found through the etsy shop The Modern Eclectic, which just so happens to have a local shop in a renovated old barn right here in Winchester. Score! The shop owner, Alaya is a talented furniture guy who is currently helping me fix this desk up {that we were lucky enough to get for free. hip hip} and restore a bit of its mid-century charm. I'm pumped to see it finished!

Big Yellow House // 1844 Valley Ave
In a nutshell: Furniture EVERYWHERE. This is a great place to come looking for the big pieces. They have some great nick-knacks and decorative things as well, but it's mostly larger furniture. And really really fair prices, in my opinion.

Salvation Army // 320 Weems Lane
You know. It's hit and miss with the good ol' Salvation Army. But I've gotten lucky a few times with this one! I picked up the desk on the right there, and I've got plans to eventually love on it a little with some updated mid-century knobs and hairpin legs. I also found that headboard there, which will be great for a guest bedroom someday. I had originally gotten it for our bed now {and there it sits} because I thought it would be a nice contrast with the more modern swedish-cross blanket we have. Until I got it home and realized that my measurements were off and it was, indeed, a full. BLAH. Back to the drawing board. I'm kind of leaning more toward a platform bed now though. Keep it reaaaaalllly simple. And extra low to the ground so babies can join us whenever they want! ;)

So those are the fab five so far, and THAT is a wrap on this thrifting post. Come to Winchester, one and all!

*Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post.


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