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Wednesday, January 16


Everett and I were at home listening to music the other day {just brushing up on our JT, gearing up for the new album, you know} and Everett was getting reallllly into it. Bobbin' up and down on his knees, hands in the air, twisting his torso back and forth and emphatically nodding his head. I mean, INTO IT. The music was in his bones and that boy knew what to do with it. I didn't teach him that. He just knew, as an intrinsic part of his little human spirit, that when you hear the music you dance, and sometimes wildly. Watching your little person learn to express himself, free of all inhibition, is just the most glorious thing to experience first hand. 

Talking to Tyson the other day, I thought out loud, I wonder if he loves us yet. Sure he needs us, and he wants to be close to us, but does he feel love as a solitary emotion? Lying in bed together a bit later, with Everett sandwiched in between us leaning over and giving us each closed-mouth kisses on the lips one at a time: one for daddy, one for mama, one for daddy ... there it was. The millions of kisses he's received in his lifetime were suddenly being turned around and given right back in his own little expression of love and affection. I think that's maybe the most rewarding thing about this age so far. The rubbing of noses together, closed and open mouth kisses, two little arms wrapped around my neck from behind, wanting to wrestle. THIS IS NOT AN UNREQUITED LOVE! 10 star experience, raising this one.

This is my fourth post as part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries! To see my other posts, click here // I am wearing the Pure Baby Sling in Organic Maple. My skirt is from Leanne Barlow found HERE and my sweater is from Forever 21 found HERE.  


Notes from Holly St. said...

so so sweet! my daughter is going to be two next month and let me tell you, it only gets better :)

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