if I had a uniform, this might be it

Tuesday, January 29

Boots: UO, Jeans: F21, Top: F21, Jacket: H&M, Scarf: Target

I'm convinced that there is just nothing a leather jacket won't fix. Boring T-shirt? Leather jacket. Cranky Baby? Leather Jacket {zippers and snaps in abundance, you know}. Heaven forbid, a pleather shortage in your closet? pLEATHER JACKET. It will solve your problems. It will make you kick butt. It will legitimize your motorcycle purchase, should you happen to make one. It will give off vibes of John Travolta in his better days but your closest friends will tell you that it doesn't, not even a little bit. And the fortune cookie you open while wearing that jacket will deeply inspire you with something about winning or seizing the day, and you'll know it was the jacket because your fortunes usually suck. If that Diem is gonna get Carped, Carpe it with pleather, I always say.


Unknown said...

I totally agree! I wear my leather jacket nearly everyday. Overkill? I think not!

{em} pushups with polish said...

I absolutely love this!!! Beats my private school uniform that I had to wear for 12 years lol. xxo em

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