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Monday, January 28

Everett laid HIMSELF down for a second nap today. Yes he sure did. MY CHILD, the one who will not be convinced under any circumstances to take two naps, or even one and a half, laid himself down for a second nap today. Fell right asleep on the bed. And that's about our week in a nutshell. The flu bug bit again. I guess you could say I'm jaded about the whole thing at this point. I'm now just expecting to get the aches and a fever two weeks from now, which will last approximately 48 hours, and then drop me off on the other side, two days behind schedule with a pile of dishes in my sink. But you know, it's alright. It's really alright because I don't have to share my husband with grad school tonight, we've got some cookies in the oven and I'm typing this as fast as my fingers will let me so that I can claim my spot next to him.
This weekend as we gathered together in the living room for family prayer, Everett almost immediately scooted off my lap. I squinted my eyes open to watch him look up at his daddy and then over to me, and then look down at his arms and grab his little wrists in attempted imitation. There are disappointingly few moments that make me stop dead in my tracks and examine the kind of life I'm living every day, every minute, every millisecond. But this week there were two. This moment in the living room was soft. And the other was essentially a ton of bricks to the head. But with both of them I could almost step out of the plane of time for a second, and circle around all the parts of my heart, inspecting this nook here and that cranny there, and whoa that could certainly use a little sprucing up and that's been neglected for how long now? My little son is watching, and he's imitating and the responsibility to be one that is watched is great. I am so aware of it. And all of those inadequacies and imperfections. Man there's a lot. But I'm also so deeply aware of love. I've felt it out of nowhere this week, warming me up even amidst this particularly despicable January that should be ashamed of itself. It makes whatever is a half inside me, a whole. And it gives me the confidence to trust the imperfect in my human experience.


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