Thursday, January 10

Well I'm sick again. I suppose I deserve it since I'm the only one in this family who didn't get the flu shot this season. But really. Two times in a two week period? That's just bad karma. THIS IS FOR KILLING THAT CACTUS, ISN'T IT UNIVERSE?!

Late last night, in my progressively useless state, I closed the bathroom door and put myself in the shower. It was a wasteful shower in its truest form, there was no shaving of legs or washing of the face with beaded scrub. Just a solid soak in water so hot that it burned my skin and made my sore bones and body-chills sing with happiness. There are some showers that are great for thinking {something about the blue tile that just says, welcome! you may sort your brain here} and there are other showers, most showers, that are hurried or shared with a baby. And then there are showers that are nothing. Just thick steam and dimmed light and the muffled, faint sound of daddy and baby reuniting in a pre-bedtime wrestling match, cherry-topped with the knowledge that you can take just however long you want in that bathroom with that closed door. I mean, that is good stuff! And I will literally keep talking about showers and other things that apparently I find glorious in my state of medication if we don't move on to these pictures of this sweet, tiny light of my life.

^ My iphone case is the big ol' ugly padded kind these days. No cute cases shall come away unscathed, says Everett. He makes the rules.
You couldn't possibly top 14 months. There could NOT POSSIBLY be anything better than this.
Laughter bubbles out of him like he's been saving up his whole life for this one grand month of giggles. I am so crazy in love with this boy.

I also wanted to say thank you for your warm and heartfelt responses on my last post. I read every one of your comments and felt so connected with you. We're not alone in any experience! And it's wonderful to be reminded of that. Thank you so much for your sweetness. Love you guys from the bottom of my heart.


the runner said...
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the runner said...

I kinda miss his bald head.

Unknown said...

I love how much you're in love with your son! I feel like I hear a lot of moms just complain about how hard being a mom is, which I know it is and I know you have hard days too! But I so appreciate your love of your family. It makes me excited to start my own someday.
P.S. When I read about your birthday and found out we were the same age, I got pretty pumped. We could be besties.. Just sayin'. :)

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