Friday, August 31

if this had sound, it would be the best giggle in the whole world

awkward and awesome thursday!

Thursday, August 30

 Pants: c/o Lulu's, Top: Old Navy, Watch: Urban Outfitters, Bag: NastyGal
- How long I can spend in the men's deodorant aisle, killing my brains cells while searching for the one. I believe in destiny and fate and sayings like "we were meant to be together" when it comes to that stuff. I don't know why I don't feel the same about picking out my own deodorant. I guess it's just that settling on MATTERHORN -  FOR ARMPITS OF ICE, WIND AND FREEDOM is just a little bit more satisfying than  fresh cucumber
- Realizing that there's another Tyson in my phone contacts - a guy from a class project back in college - right AFTER I text him to "bring toilet paper". Only mildly horrifying.
- Any kind of general anesthesia. As an advocate for truly embarrassing moments, I highly recommend it for everyone.
- Relaxing my forearm onto the back of the seat and instead dropping it onto the back of a woman's head. I felt so bad and apologized a million times, but the awkwardness still prevailed. Like a neon sign flashing in the air above us: YOU SMACKED HER GOOD. NOW SIT TOGETHER IN SILENCE AND FEEL WEIRD ABOUT IT.
- Self check-out stands. Don't ever get behind me in one of those things. I'm tellin' you, I have a GIFT for finding that one special item that won't scan. Or like 10 of them.

- I can totally fly with these.
- Picking up squeaky toys, books and wooden blocks all over my living room at the end of every day. It's such a surreal 'I'm a mom' moment and weirdly, it makes me totally happy.
- A cup of water accidentally dropped on me by a sweet airline stewardess. It's just so good to be on the other side of the awkward sometimes.
- A little cheesecake party with friends tonight.
- When we both pop awake at 5:50 cause we hear Everett turn his music machine on in his crib. I always expect him to let us know that he's awake, but he just lays back down and listens to it. It's the most precious thing, I just die every morning.

to miss about summer

Wednesday, August 29

We have this park that we like to go to together first thing in the morning before it gets too hot out. We bring our favorite blanket and sprawl out with breakfast or something. Everett is always very careful to explore the grass with caution, going right up to the edge, plucking out a single blade and then tossing it behind him. It's a small part of our day, but one of my favorite times with him. And daggumit I'm sure going to miss it when it starts getting cooler.

a 1942 address

Monday, August 27

I was just sorting through our bookshelves when I came across these pretty old photos of my grammy taken in 1942 when she was just 20 years old. I hadn't ever noticed this before, but on the back she had written the address of where she was living at the time {you can see it behind her in the top right photo}: North Park, 3982 30th Street, San Diego California. So of course I google mapped it. I'm not sure what I was expecting to find. I think I was hoping that someone had taken care of the house for all these years and it was still there.
Turns out, it's just an old sidewalk and a barber shop.
But if this happens to be your local barber shop, you should know that in 1942, it used to be a charming white house with a porch. And a pretty girl with a palm-tree dress lived there.

all the good things

Thanks for your well wishes on that wisdom-teeth thing over the weekend. I think it went well, but good grief those drugs were an unfortunate addition to my history book. Or fortunate. Depending on if you're asking me or Tyson ;) Things over here are still in recovery mode, but I'd have to say it's been a pretty good weekend regardless. All my 5th grade dreams of having chocolate Jell-o plastic pudding with my lunch have come true, so that's a real bonus. Plus Everett said mamamamama about a million times. And I tell ya, out of all the good baby things there are to choose from, including tip-toes, that has got to be my favorite so far.

from wednesday

Friday, August 24

Wednesday was a good day. As soon as Tyson was done with work, we had a little party for him at the park with silly hats and all. That is until it started to rain and we had to head home to blow out the candles and finish singing happy birthday over his favorite blackberry & raspberry pie. {Speaking of candles, those things were supposed to be the sparkler kind, but they didn't exactly work so ... he got a blow torch} We bathed Everett and put him to bed together, and then a friend of ours came over so we could go out for a little while. It was laid back and easy, just like his birthday last year, but even better with three of us this time. So glad we have a day to celebrate our favorite person.

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed today, all the way under, crazy juice and all. So excuse me while I go humiliate myself.

our family photos

Thursday, August 23

The last time we had our picture taken was when Everett was just the tiniest bump in my belly. And now here we are with an almost 10 month old, so we figured we'd better get it documented before he decides to sprout a hair or something crazy ;)
A huge thank you to our wonderful friend, melanie! We love them.

UPDATE: For those who asked, I got my skirt HERE, and my top HERE

to K

Wednesday, August 22

From 10 years ago, a 17 year old husband. I like to call this one, "the necklace" ;)
I don't know what it was about yesterday, but I just kept thinking about you. The day I became a mother will always be one of my favorite days - 5, 10, 100 years from now - and today is that day for you. So happy birth-day :) I have some wonderful examples of womanhood and motherhood in my life, and I'm so happy that you're one of them. I just wanted you to know that you did such a good job. You raised a truly good man, and I'm so lucky that he is who he is. Thinking about my own little son, and how he's so sweet and easy-going, but feisty and curious and so beautiful and I just don't want to mess anything up, you know? I want him to be just like his dad. And I have you to thank for that. So anyway, I just wanted you to know how much we love you. And especially today ... thanks for this guy.

hey, that's my face

Tuesday, August 21

{I posted this once before, but took it down until my panel date was finalized} :)
Hey I'm excited to announce that I'll be speaking on a panel at IFBCON {Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference} on September 4th in New York! This will be my face. There'll be tons of amazing women significantly more fabulous than I, so you should come so we can both gawk at them ;)

Click HERE for more info and to see who else is speaking
and HERE for tickets

Q & A

Monday, August 20

 {and a totally unrelated photo}
A little while back I asked you to post any questions you had for me in the comments of this post, so that I could answer them in an interview with Windsor. But since we ran out of time while I was there, I figured I'd go back and answer a few of those questions now :)

You come off in your blog posts as so confident in who you are as a person! Do you have any insecurities?
Oh of course I have insecurities. The funny thing about a blog is that really, it only covers maybe 10% of your actual life. There are so many things that I don't share on here because they're personal, or complex {insecurities included}. Things I'm not sure how to put into words correctly, or stuff in my day-to-day life that I find thrilling or awesome, but I think you would find quite boring. ;) My point being that this blog {like most} is filtered and though I may not share them, I still have insecurities that are just as human and normal {I hope ;)} as anyone else out there.

Did you ever consider having a career in fashion or art rather than being a SAHM? 
Oh yes. I wrote a post once upon a time about playing "office" as a little girl, instead of "house". Having a professional career has always been very appealing to me, and it still is. Being a mother has been more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to stay home with my baby. But my little boy won't always be little, so I feel like it's important for me to continually be learning about things that interest me and further my skill set. I'm still very young, so a professional career outside the home is certainly not something that I've ruled out for the future.

Do you follow an eating/exercise routine to stay in shape after having a baby?
I try to go to a class at the gym at least three times a week, and my favorites are yoga, pilates and body pump {which is weight lifting with a light barbell}. I don't have THAT admirable of an eating routine. I try to eat healthy, but I'm not creative with it, so it's stuff like sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese and eggs and spinach and chicken and fish. Also, chocolate rice cakes when I'm snack-y. I don't know why I like those, actually ...
Anyway, just things that are easy and can stand alone on my plate, since I'm not much of a cook. My midwife also said to eat whenever Everett eats {which is a lot, like 6 times a day} so that's always a good reminder.

Fashion and design are always progressive. So how do you find contentment with what you already have?
Oh that's a great question. It's so true, and I think that places of "inspiration", like Pinterest for example, can sometimes be dangerous in a way that prevents you from ever being satisfied in your own home and your own clothes because they might be a little less aesthetically pleasing than the thing you're being "inspired" by. To be honest, I like to avoid that feeling so I don't go to Pinterest very often. In that same breath though, I think there's a beauty in evolving our desires and wanting the "better" in life. So ... to answer your question, to find contentment in what I already have, I have to  place the most value on the concrete and the deeper parts of my life. The relationships I have with those I love, and blessings like my health, and my warm home, and the good food I have to eat. It sounds simplistic, but I guess that's the point. As for design though, part of your job is to always be searching for a better way to do things, and in a way, to never be satisfied ... so I don't think that'll ever go away.

You always wear these amazing outfits, but being a busy mom, where do you find places to wear them? I'm assuming you don't go grocery shopping in 4" heels and an adorable skirt. :)
Haha! I'm sure it's been noticeable that I've started to downshift on the clothing posts, and go in more of a lifestyle direction lately. It just felt more natural and congruent with the direction my life has gone. So anytime I do look more dressed up in an outfit post, it's probably because I wore the outfit to church or something. Although I will always look for a reason to wear of pair of heels with my jeans because I love them. ;)

Do you tend to shop for your body type or what's on trend? 
A little bit of both, but I would have to say the top priority is always on how it fits. I LOVE that overalls are making a comeback in fashion, and so many girls can pull them off and look adorable. But I am not one of those girls and cannot for the life of me figure out how to wear them. So that trend gets skipped.

What are your must haves that you keep for yourself in Ev's baby bag?
Pink lipstick, sunglasses and hand sanitizer.

What are some frivolous activities/exercises/guilty pleasures you love doing simply just for your own pleasure?
I don't know if it's much of a guilty pleasure, but I LOVE spending time by myself. I always have. I've even gone to the movies by myself! Alone time rarely happens anymore, so anytime I get to go to lunch on my own during a weekend or have a quiet minute in the morning before everyone wakes up, it's like cloud 9 to me.

I'd love to hear how/when you decided on Everett's name.
We lived on a street called "Everett's Place" when we found out we were expecting. We decided on it pretty early, around 5 months I think.

What's the hardest part about motherhood?
Oh gosh. If I'm going to be perfectly honest about this, I would have to say that it's been making sure my husband knows that I love him just as much as I love Everett. It's something I wasn't expecting to experience at all before we had him and it was something that I had to work hard on every day. Since recently getting Everett on a healthy sleep schedule, it's been MUCH easier to spend time with my husband and reconnect together at the end of the day. But for a long time, that was the hardest.

What do you see yourself doing in the future? Expanding the blog? Opening a store? Writing a book? Your own fashion line? 
This is pretty boring, but right now I don't have plans for any of that. The only thing that's of interest to me on that list would be a book. But if I did, it would be because I have a story to tell, not a "how-to" or anything. And if it ever happened, it would be years from now. I still have so much to experience and learn from. This stage of my life is strictly reserved for reading and learning from people who are wiser than I am.

a quick hello

Friday, August 17

Sorry I've been so MIA lately. Tyson and I both caught an ugly bout of pneumonia {which is a real eye-roll since it's August for goodness sakes} so things around here have been doctor visits and face-masks and hand-washing and clorox wipes and shifts with Everett {who THANKFULLY is still maintaining his health through all of it}. I'm hoping for things to return to normal on Monday again, but in the mean time, I saw a little preview of the family pictures we had taken by a friend of ours and I had to share this one cause HE JUST LOOKS SO BALD AND YUMMY. Can't wait to share the rest!

Hope you have a good weekend, and may you never experience pneumonia, ever.

prep your closet, fall is coming

Tuesday, August 14

Click HERE to see a few trends that I'm looking forward to in the Fall!

p.s. hurry it up already, August
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