ten-thousand hats for ten-thousand people

Sunday, December 2

Sometimes people are just really really cool, you know? I got this email a few weeks ago from a gal named Robyn telling me of her goal to make 10,000 hats for 10,000 people in her lifetime, with a few hats going to friends and family but most of them going to charity. I said to myself, now THIS is what a goal looks like. Is this what happens to you when you learn how to knit? Just lofty goals and awesomeness flying out of your fingertips? Because MY lofty goal for the entire year was just trying to keep a child alive. Womp-womp. ;) So anyway, Robyn was kind enough to offer the three of us each a hat, and here they are!! We really love them. Especially Everett's because sometimes it gives him cone-head. And while she didn't ask us to blog about them, I couldn't help myself because I'm just a big fan of knitters in general, but especially of Robyn and her 10,000 hats.

I'm also a big fan of any photo with these two together, because just look at them.



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