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Thursday, December 13

Watching this little mind expand has been the most amazing thing. I mean, before you have kids, you know that eventually they'll learn to walk and talk and understand you, but when it's actually happening right before your very eyes, it's like your entire world explodes and that's it for you. Nothing else will be able to impress you quite as much again. ;) Parenthood is the weirdest that way. And the best.
For instance, when he's getting into something that he shouldn't, I tell him, hey Everett, that's no-no. And he listens! He'll look up at me, shake his head back and forth a few times and then move on to something else. It's the biggest shock of my life. ;) He also cuddles now. Sometimes by choice which is even better. When he was little he sort of had to cuddle by default because, well, what ELSE was there to do? But now, say when he wants to get out of the bathtub, he'll pull me in real close, grab tight and nuzzle into my neck or press his forehead into mine and I pretend for a few seconds that he just wanted a big hug.
 And then there's this:
Where's mama's eyes?
So proud.
It's one of his favorite games to play when I'm attempting to have an adult conversation. That along with, here mama! Eat this shoe and part of my cracker! ;)
But probably our most favorite thing right now, the one that takes the cake, the one that brings out all of his giggles at once, is discovering how the world looks upside down.
And it looks pretty darn good apparently. Look at that happiness!
This is my third post as part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries! To see my other posts, click here // I am wearing the Pure Baby Sling in Organic Maple.


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