moving in, hoorah!

Sunday, December 2


Thinking about it now, this last week was maybe the worst one we could have picked to move. You know? Just one of those where you look at your schedule and think, 

Off the top of my head I can think of at least 5 moments where self-appointed time-outs would have been a real decent thing to do, if only to preserve my status as a somewhat respectable human being. But this is me, giving that sorry week a kiss good-bye. We still don't have power or heat or internet at the apartment so I'm checking in from borrowed wifi, but we're thrilled to finally be out here together. We drove through our streets today spouting off an embarrassing amount of I love that we live here now's. We truly are SO grateful and happy to be here, closer to Tyson's office, and closer to him for at least a few more hours during the day. And I'm crazy, crazy in-love with those old worn-out floors of ours. Everett is going to learn to walk on those. :) We're crossing our fingers that we'll get hooked up and re-enter the 21st century sometime around Wednesday. But hey, let's hear it for the hot water running through our pipes! We've got plenty of that stuff, and that alone deserves a solid booyah.

The BAD NEWS, or really, the sad news, is that tragedy hast befallen the tiniest of our group, as his beloved Wink was somehow hustled and packed away amongst the boxed wreckage of moving day. Which will probably go down in the mama book of records as the meanest of the mean things you could possibly let happen. If you're not convinced, just take a look at that little face up there. See? The meanest. We're really hoping that floppy owl, prized member of the family, will resurface soon because there is not too much sleep happening over here without him.


Sally said...

Yay!! Congrats on moving in. Those floors are the best. Enjoy decorating!!

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