merry christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 25

We've been having a very baby Christmas over here at Nana and Papa's house, and is there anything better? Last night we exchanged secret santa gifts next to the tree and Everett donned his new christmas jammies from his S.S. aunt and uncle for the ritual Christmas Eve pajama shot. {It's the best tradition right? Question is, is it still good when you're twelve-years-old and still wearing matching pink footie pajamas in a can-can line with your younger sisters. Remind me to show you the pictures later and we can all have a vote. The answer is no though. No, it's not still good at that point ;)}
Anyway, after we grouped the three of them together, I caught a glimpse of the reflection in the fireplace. It was nothing but cameras and iphones and hammy grins and 9 grown adults full-on baby talking in hopes of getting a few smiles. Which is why two of them look embarrassed for everyone and the other one is avoiding eye contact. ;)
It's been non-stop good food and games and staying up way too late around the kitchen table since we've been here at Tyson's parent's home. While I miss my family like CRAZY, I am just feeling so grateful this Christmas. Grateful for Everett's sweet spirit and the perspective that having him has brought to our lives this year. Grateful to be surrounded by loved ones. Grateful for our Savior's birth. And grateful for a Christmas where there are little hands to unwrap the presents and leave cookies out for Santa and a last-minute nativity play to put on for one little shepherd.

Hope you have a beautiful holiday no matter where you are or what you're celebrating. :)
Merry Christmas from us to you!


JPotMont said...

Too funny! You described the pic of the three of them perfectly!

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