just look at this tree lot

Wednesday, December 12

I mean, really look at it! {I was MOVED to add text to it, but looking at it now, the whole circle thing definitely messed with its essence. Bummer.}

Is this not THE most cozy little tree lot you've ever seen? Kind of like Norman Rockwell himself parked those Radio Flyers there and told that blue bonfire smoke to sit between the trees and just smell delicious. You can't see them here, but if I was braver with my iphone, you would've been able to spot the fingerless-gloved strangers standing around that bonfire warming their hands. I mean I would have brought my finest station wagon had I known what kind of tree lot this was going to be.  But now see, the old baby pictures that are right below that cozy Rockwell tree lot have already caught your eye, so we might as well move on.


This is the Everett of Christmas past. And isn't he just delicious. This is such a mom thing to say, but I'm just going to suck it up and spit it out anyway: WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? AND WHO GAVE IT PERMISSION TO TAKE THE T-REX ARMS AWAY WITH IT?
I know.

One year later, this is the Everett of Christmas present. On the day we FINALLY got our reliable fakey up in the living room and the boy chased shatterproof bulbs around our old, slanted floors for hours. {In baby time. It was like a solid 20 min} This year our tree is naked from the waist down which is obviously embarrassing for everyone, so try not to stare when you come over. The compromise is working well though. All the bulbs stay on the tree and Everett can still go over and lick the branches whenever he wants. Win win.
BABY, IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME and it's finally starting to feel like it. Most especially tonight after Tyson drives home from his last final. Baby's in bed, cinnamon bears are out, I mean ANYTHING could happen! ;)


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