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Friday, December 14

{ Triangles. ^ ^ Isn't that everyone's general motto these days?}

Hey! Three cheers for crafty stuff at nap time. First time ever! I'm not sharing this post as a how-to though. Because, that's what Pinterest and crafty friends are for of course. This is more of a here's where I got this thing and you can too if you really want to, and also stamp it up just how you like for your babes on Christmas morning.

So here's the tent. I ordered it from Wish Design Studio right HERE. At least in my research, it was the most affordable and pared-down A-frame tent on etsy, which is exactly what I was looking for. It was also able to be customized, which was great since I was looking for something white to stamp on.
Here's what I used. Except I just realized that I forgot to use that rope in the final picture. So just imagine that it's tying the frames together at the top {to prevent the tent from sliding wider than you want it to}, because that's where it would be if I wasn't the worst at staging.
 It took me two apples to get the triangle stamp juuuuuuuust right. My first triangle was a slanted little sucker.
 Testing, testing 1 2 3
The second I finished, I heard Everett post-nap wrestling with Wink in his crib and almost nothing in my life ever works out that perfectly timing-wise, so I will take it!!
Welcome to your TENT baby!!
He's dragging Wink and a handful of oranges through it back and forth right now. :)
Makes me so happy.


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