happy last day, earth

Friday, December 21

Well it's officially 3:30AM EST on doomsday {DUN DUN DUN} and we still have 4 walls and are alive! Barely. I think.

must ...

keep ...

eyes ...

open ...

I realized that today was earth's last day as I was cooking potatoes in my kitchen. I also realized that at that moment, I looked, basically like a potato. At least my face felt dirty from grimy baby hands. And I was wearing these really nasty, really wonderful pair of baggy sweats that made everything south of the t-shirt quite lumpy from ALL the angles. And I thought to myself, this is NO WAY to go out. So I called Tyson and said that we needed something that was the opposite of potatoes IMMEDIATELY for celebration. And he obliged and remedied the situation, of course. I did not however remove my lumpy pants because, well. We all know why. Lumpy pants are fabulous.

So anyway as we were sitting there eating our bit of celebration, I got to thinking, IF this really was earth's last day, what would that mean exactly?

It would mean that we wouldn't get on a plane tomorrow to go see family for Christmas, which would be more than rotten.

I wouldn't get to watch Tyson open my present Christmas morning and see his face of surprise for THE FIRST TIME EVER because we are the literal worst at keeping presents from each other. Except for this year.

I wouldn't get the thrill of still having to find ONE. MORE. GIFT.

We would've missed out on taking Everett the puppy lover, to the Winchester Puppy Cottage

We wouldn't have made any New Year's Resolutions this year, which would be a real shame since I just know mine are gonna last longer than a month this time around.

But even worse than that, I wouldn't have ever gotten to read Everett this book that the 70's so graciously gifted to us. ;)

But if it WAS earth's last day, looking around at exactly where I was: Cooking potatoes and dinner with my little kitchen helper, gathering around our living room as family to enjoy a few hours together, with Everett's happy shenanigans bringing us the biggest laughs and the greatest joy in the entire world. I mean, not a bad way to go.

{somewhat unrelated photo that my friend Megan took. From that time when he was still tiny enough to sleep in my arms, in public places no less! Thanks Megs!}

But thank goodness we're still here, right? To the plane!


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