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Friday, December 7

So, I have no idea what I'm doing. You know how they say that three moves is the equivalent of a fire? Well this last move of ours was basically as good as a big ol' fire all by itself. And I meant for it to be that way. I cleaned us out completely. Desk, table, dresser, couches, all gone. {Actually, we haven't had couches for months since I sold them a while ago with the INTENTION of getting a new one, but we ended up just leaving the space open for Everett to play since we had THE TINIEST living room known to man} The whole furniture cleanse was basically a protest against all the things we've been hanging onto since our first year of marriage, back when only our doe-eyed, heart-palpitating love for each other was the one paying our bills and blindly buying our furniture. And I have to tell you it's feeling GOOOOD to start fresh.
So, here's the problem though. I know what I like when I can see the big picture. But I have the HARDEST time, spotting something small in a thrift store, like that box acting as a nightstand right there, and saying HEY NOW, that's perfect for a minimalistic bedroom. You know? Does anyone else out there have this problem? You would think that Pinterest would be able to help me out, but mostly I've just found it to be annoying lately if you want the honest truth. Perfectly photographed crafts and recipes and about a billion pretty little things all in one place just kind of makes me want to scratch my eyes out sometimes.
I was in a few thrift stores the other day, and came across some pieces that I thought were really beautiful, but I just STOOD there staring at them for as long as Everett would let me. I kept trying to visualize my home and the things I already have and ask myself, am I still going to love and treasure this 10 years from now? Is it going to give me the look that I want, or does it just look nice because it's placed next to that showroom couch? And I mean, do I love it? Or LOVE love it? I better REALLY like this piece and be sure that there's NOTHING else out there that would be better because THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE ONE DINING ROOM TABLE I GET.

I mean, THE PRESSURE!!! ;)
So that's the brain space that I'm in right now. I know that patience is going to be key to slowly building the home that we love. But I am like, the WORST at patience. ;)

photos of the beautiful home of art director and photographer, Jakob Nylund 


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