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Thursday, November 8

You know what's dumb? Losing a talent. Or maybe not even a talent. Maybe just a skill. You had it, and you were even a little proud of it, and then you lost it. I mean, the things are not just passed out like candy!!! Speaking only for myself here, 'cause I can think of about 20 people off the top of my head who are positively leaking with skills. But anyway, playing the piano is one of those things for me. I grew up with piano lessons throughout my childhood, as many people do. The whole nine-yards: hours upon hours of practice, weekly lessons, end-of-year recitals, and seemingly endless mortifying performances in front of my handsome piano teacher, whom I was madly in love with at the time. {I'd say age 13 was definitely my best year.} But I loved it. And it's not like it was any special skill because basically everyone and their dog can play the piano. But it was useful. I was able to teach piano lessons during high school and I remember being thrilled that I'd never have to pay for my children's lessons, because I could teach them myself.

Fast forward to college, where there was no piano conveniently waiting in my living room and about 489302 other things to do, and completely unintentionally ... I just stopped. I didn't practice ... like really sit down and try to pound something out ... for like 4 years!! *facepalm* When you are the owner of approximately two and a half skills, THIS. IS. TRAGIC. So I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do about it at this point, because getting a piano in our place would be a joke. But deep in my finger bones, I've found some sort of resolve to dust off the old books and start playing again ... if I can manage to find a piano that's willing to be assaulted every once in a while.


Emily Welch said...

Ask for Piano callings at church! I had the same problem (except I quit in high school) and I literally have been playing piano at church for like 4 years now. Its a real confidence boost!

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