so maybe there's been just a tiny bit of hoarding

Tuesday, November 27

This is my magazine pile, all laid out nice and neat for documentation.
I assure you it's much bigger and more embarrassing in person.
Some are old, some are new. Some are from 2007 which is a whole other category of old.
One of them is a Sky mag, which was a free souvenir from that one time when probably 10-12 Delta passengers flipped through a magazine that I was in and didn't even know it because my face was being upstaged by this really stunning-looking squash. I mean, the prettiest color of purple. #claimtofame
That is 5 years of magazine hoarding!

You know in those old episodes of, I don't know, let's say Oprah, when they do finance counseling? And they add up how much money one person spends on their morning coffee every day for a year and it ends up being enough to buy a car or something equally shocking.

Well that pile would get me one pair of very, VERY nifty shoes.
Or like 6 months of diapers which is way better.
So consider me de-magazined forever and ever. Unless Rachel McAdams is on the cover, in which case all bets are off because I just love her.


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