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Thursday, November 15

This is my second post as part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries! To see my other posts, click here // I am wearing the Pure Baby Sling in Organic Maple.


I was rocking Everett to sleep last night as I normally do. He had one hand on Wink's arm {his owl} and one hand on my arm, and we were looking at each other while he was drinking his milk. We've done this often, but I suppose I've just never stopped to acknowledge the bare bones of that moment before -- the one period of time during the day when the only thing that's happening is us, together, quietly connecting with our eyes. At least in my experience, babies and young children are the only ones that allow us to have that particular type of intimate human connection very often, or at all. In all of their innocence, they have the ability to unabashedly look you in the eyes and connect with you for minutes at a time without any assumption of awkward silences or impoliteness. It's got to be in the top 10 most wonderful things about them. As Everett's curiosity increasingly broadens, there are only a few lasting moments with that type of connection anymore. The first is while rocking him to sleep, and the second is most often when I read him a story. I haven't exactly figured out why yet, but when we're reading together, every so often he'll stop and look up at me, I'll look down and we'll pause for a moment. Then he'll point his face down at the book again and we'll continue reading. They are small but fulfilling moments as his mama. And just SO SWEET. I tell you what, that tiny person has taught me more about human connection in one year than I could ever teach anyone in my whole life.


Marie said...

Beautiful photos and i love bringing my child to the library too. :)

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