blast, I think I'm going to get attached to this place

Monday, November 26

Before we left for Thanksgiving, Everett and I joined Tyson on his commute out to Winchester so that I could take care of a few things at our new place before the move. Afterward, I had a little time to kill and Everett had a nap to take, so we took a nice long walk around the neighborhood to see what there was to see. While Everett was thoroughly enjoying the back of his eyelids, I was starting to get real worried about these new digs of ours. Old Town is without-a-doubt, going to be the most charming place we have ever lived. With lots and lots of older neighbors. {And by older neighbors I mean cute old men, Everett's favorite kind of people}. It felt like home. You know, warm fuzzies and sunshine, that sort of thing. This can only mean that if there is such a thing as loving someplace too much, this is the place that's going to take me down. I'm talking full-on attachment - which is a first for a serial mover and somewhat unsentimental soul like myself. {Protocol for moving from places like this is ugly crying for days, right? ;)} Even the little wig shop right down the street, formally known as Michelle's Wigs & More {there's more!}, looked me dead in the eye and dared me not to love it. Couldn't do it, hard as I tried.

see what I mean?
 Also this is the library. The PUBLIC. LIBRARY. 
Obviously it hasn't been told yet.
Hey Winchester, even though you'll probably break our hearts in a few years, we already love you and your Piccadilly streets.

P.S. Thanks to Bugaboo, we've gotten to test out the new Cameleon 3 stroller for this month. Though I'll probably just grow accustomed and end up buying it anyway ... which I guess would be the point. ;) Real thumbs up for that cool contraption.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful town! Its buildings are so rich in history, I bet. You and your family are gonna have a wonderful time there.


Unknown said...

Looks like such a cute place to explore with E. :) Speaking of exploring and E, how do you like your stroller? I'm currently trying to decide btwn the Bee and the Cameleon. Anything you don't like about it? Anything you love/ can't live without?
Can't wait to read more about your adventures!

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