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Wednesday, November 14

I know for a fact that things should be feeling much more urgent than they are right now. A few weeks ago, Tyson transferred to a new office and since then we've been on the hunt for a place that's MUCH closer to him since all those hours in the car every day were gettin' heavy on the gas guzzling. We finally snagged one this week, hallelujah, in the historic district of Winchester, VA {just to rent}. The place was built in the 1800's so it has these really great details like transom windows above the doorways, old wooden floors, a fireplace and even a kitchen/dining room floor that's slightly tilted because it's slowly sinking into the ground. Awesome! ;) I'm planning to have a collection of Everett's basketballs and other rolling toys hanging out along the wall of my dining room, basically at all times. The great news is that we found out we'll be moving after Thanksgiving. The bad news is that Thanksgiving is next week. So like I said, I know for a fact that things should be feeling much more urgent than they are right now. But I just {unwisely} used part of Everett's nap to sit at my computer desk and eat a pomegranate, which is a very inopportune time to eat THE slowest fruit you could possibly choose to eat, so .... apparently I'm feeling OK about it.

We're really excited for the change of scenery, getting to explore such a historic town and everything that comes with moving {which seems to happen habitually with us at least once a year} but also sad to be living so far away from some truly great friends. We're just really thankful that everyone is still within driving distance! We're going to be getting rid of a few things, cleaning out our closets and storage and what not, which is something I find to be wonderfully refreshing about moving. Though honestly it's sad at how unsentimental I am when it comes to these things. Oh that's the first thing we bought together as a married couple? Are we using it? No. Then Goodwill it!

 Is there a show out there for the opposite of hoarders? ;)


Unknown said...

You are going to love Winchester! I was born and raised there and yes - some of the people are a bit strange but it's an amazing little town! Congratulations on this exciting next chapter! If you're ever interested in a blogger meet up let me know - or perhaps a tour guide ;)

Shannon Willardson said...

I think we can all agree that you are rocking this outfit! Loving the red flannel!

KP said...

We're just east of you in a little town called Round Hill. Born and raised in Utah, but LOVE it here! I'll be looking for you when I'm out shopping that way..best of luck!

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