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Thursday, November 1

Almost every year this happens. Once the weather starts cooling down, I start going a little Transylvania on myself. My hair gets darker, my skin goes ghost-town and I have a sudden affinity for the deepest, blood berry-like shades. So if you'd like to join me in full-on winterize mode! My favorites right now are Sephora Rouge R23 and Revlon ColorStay Overtime in Stay Currant, which I'm wearing below.
OK we found a real winner for any of you juicers out there who care to try. This is the best green juice we've made so far. Two apples, 1 pear, 1 lemon, 1 lime, two large handfuls of spinach, 4-6 stalks of kale {we take ours off the stalk because it's so bitter}, brocolli, a few handfuls of grapes, and {not pictured} a small bunch of mint leaves. CHEERS.
We have neighbor dogs that live in the backyard across the street from us, so when it's too cold to go outside, we'll spend a fair chunk of time at the window watching them play. Cracks me up how much he loves them. "Dah!" he says. :)
I wouldn't consider myself to be a serious subscriber of astrological theories or beliefs, but for years it's been one of my favorite sections of the bookstore for a guaranteed fun read. I've found most of the books to be relatively hit-and-miss in terms of accuracy, so when I found the one above, I was completely entertained by its ability to be spot-on with our personality assessment almost every time. And it's turned out to be a pretty great source of entertainment for our guests too! We don't break it out a whole lot, but occasionally a guest will pull it from our bookshelf and it'll morph into a type of "get to know you" deal, with the guests reading their birthday page out loud and agreeing/disagreeing with it along the way. Great for laughs and conversation starters.

Here, for example, is a small excerpt from the book on my birthday page. I've been spark-noted!

Before the age of twenty, you are inclined to have a need for practical order and structure in your life. After the age of twenty-one, when your progressed Sun moves into Aquarius, you become less influenced by tradition and more independent. New opportunities to present your own unique perspective may encourage you to take an interest in group affairs or humanitarian issues. AND THEN! Another turning point occurs at the age of fifty-one, when your progressed Sun enters Pisces. From this time, there is more of an emphasis on developing sensitivity, imagination, and a strong inner life. This can be reflected through your visions, dreams, and emotional ideals.

I am living for my fifties man. It's nice to know that some sort of imagination might show up eventually. ;)


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