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Friday, October 12

I'm pretty sure my brain is coming down with something: a chronic conundrum that shows its face about every 8-9 months called, to bang or not to bang {its scientific name}. When I was thinking about getting them cut again, I asked Tyson what he thought, because I know how much he TRULY cares about the state of my bangs. ;) He did however remind me that the last time I cut my bangs, I enjoyed them for about two weeks and then made him promise me that the next time I tried to cut them, he would shut the operation down immediately. So he tried. But hey, sometimes I'm just really not one for listening. So I was going to do it! With determination and gumption! No regrets! That is, until a friend on instagram said that she had just gotten a pair of clip-ins for herself. Clip-in bangs I'm telling you! The DUH light bulb was flipped on and the shutters of my brain flew open with the winds of inspiration and drama!

I ordered them immediately.

When they arrived, they were made of the shiniest hair I had ever seen. So I sprayed a little dry shampoo on them to dull them out and make them match up with the rest of my mop, clipped 'em in and BOOM! Bangs with no commitment, no regrets and no grow-out stage.

Conundrum averted. Insert evil laugh here.


Brit said...

Please tell me you got the clip-in animal print extension free gift?!

Sophia said...

Been wanting to try these for years maybe I will be brave and try them!!

Becca said...

Wow, after years of admiring others bangs... maybe I can finally have some of my own without the headache! Literally!

Anonymous said...

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