sakura bloom sling diaries: delight

Monday, October 22

I'm so excited to be included among 14 other beautiful women for the second round of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries! For the next 6 months I'll be documenting our babywearing with a post each month dedicated to a different theme. You can follow along with the other diary entries here! // I am wearing the Pure Baby Sling in Organic Maple.


I delight in evenings of bathing you, brushing your four tiny teeth, snapping you up in your pajamas, slinging you close to me and going outside.

We both discovered a while ago that being outside is one of your favorite things. Despite your busy and curious spirit {one that can get a little upset when strapped into a car seat}, when I buckle you into your stroller, somehow you know that you're not being strapped down, but being prepared to go outside. Your mood immediately settles into one of contentment and observance. You sit quietly in your seat with both hands firmly gripping the tray in front of you, your wingman, Wink the Owl squished in beside you, and you happily wait for me to take you on a walk. It's on those walks that your face is the most earnest and your eyes are the widest, and you are so beautiful it just fills me up to the brim.

So it's on particularly difficult days, when your new teeth have been pressing into your sore gums and nothing else seems to be providing enough relief, that we spend our time outside A LOT. Sometimes we take the stroller, but lately, especially on the walks that are taken in your pajamas, I wrap you close to me so that we can talk quietly, distract you from your remaining discomfort, get you ready for sleep, and bring you nearer to whatever it is inside me that reassures you, it's alright.

My little boy, if I delight in anything, I delight in watching and feeling you relax against me as we tread along together in the quiet. And I delight in rocking you to sleep after we've walked back home, knowing that your favorite thing is the very last memory on your mind.


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