I mean really, Mt. Vernon

Monday, October 15

Months and months ago, we landed a coupon for one of the most touristy of tourist things to do around here: hop on a boat and head down the Potomac for an afternoon at Mt. Vernon. All through the summer we kept that coupon. Not exactly on purpose, but with the big crowds and long lines of summer / humidity levels worthy of a good drowning plus a new nap schedule to keep, blah blah blah ... it didn't happen. UNTIL! The October expiration date rolled around. And isn't that just how it goes.

So, as the sworn protectors of respectable coupons that we are, we went! With our fellow travelers all the way from Florida, California and New York, we, the Virginia-ites, hopped on that boat and rode down that gorgeous river at 8am. The sun was bright and still low in the sky and the air was fresh and cold. With hot chocolate in one hand and a baby in the other, we made friends with ALL the grandpas on the boat the whole morning. And there were a lot of grandpas. It was just that kind of boat ride.

The house on the hill did not disappoint. We're not exactly sure WHAT made it so great. But there was history involved, and minimal crowds, hats and scarves, killer views and we were together! There was also lots of running. All over the yard, with a baby who turns into the funniest little cheeseball without a morning nap.

Viva la coupon procrastination!
 ^ This moment brought to you by, "Hey you! Don't eat the leaves!"
{My outfit // Boots: Hunter, Jeans: Abercrombie, Top: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: c/o Chicwish, Faux Fur Snood: ASOS, Watch: ASOS, Sunglasses: Target}


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