happy birthday mom!

Tuesday, October 9

Mom -
There are few things that I enjoy more than looking through old pictures ... especially the ones of you. I think all of us have pored through your old photo album, what, a million times? But I don't think I had ever noticed this one before.
It has got to be one of my new favorites of all time. I know that look on your face. I didn't until a year ago, but THAT is a mom look if I ever saw one. Standing there with a hairspray bottle, admiring your handy work on my bangs, complete and utter adoration shooting straight from your eyes and down onto me. {Even though in my opinion, I was a real awkward looking son of a gun} But I know exactly what you're thinking, what you're feeling, what complete happiness it is to have a part of yourself standing there next to you on two chubby little legs. And on your birthday, I just wanted to say thank you for loving me that much. For looking at me that way. And for being my mom. You're an amazing one :)

Happy birthday! I love you so much.


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