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Wednesday, October 31

Yesterday was Everett's first birthday. And even though the small festivities we had planned were postponed due to the storm, the day was sweet. As soon as he woke up, we brought him in bed with us and sang him Happy Birthday while he drank his milk, and then we took him downstairs and made his favorite German pancakes for breakfast. We filled the day with his favorite things, including a few baths {which he would take 10 of if I let him}. The whole day I wanted to squeeze him 1,000 times and kiss him 1,000 more and somehow let him know the significance of this day, how special he was, and let him feel all the light that he's brought into our lives. But maybe we'll just let his first taste of cake do all the talking. ;)
I rocked him extra long that night and tucked him in bed as my new, suddenly big boy. In the evening, Tyson and I spent the last few hours of the day going through photos of the last 12 months with Everett, reliving this day and wondering exactly when it was that he stopped being so tiny. There is no bigger happiness and nothing greater we could ever wish to call ourselves but mommy and daddy.

My darling boy, you are our world. Happy first birthday!


the parading goat said...

Awwww :')

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