and we shall pick pumpkins

Thursday, October 18

I have to laugh at how many times the words, "Everett would love that!" have come out of our mouths since he was born. His first taste of real food, for example, was this huge event. We buckled him up in his high chair, and Tyson readied the spoon with his first bite while I prepared to take the pictures. I had picked a mild and sweet fruit because I wanted it to be a really good first bite for him. "He is going to LOVE this" we said, and in went the spoon. That moment is now a photograph of a truly masterful poker face.

Or how about his first ride down a slide. We had taken him to the park on a warm evening. {Probably not something we would have done on our own, but hey! "Everett would love that!"} I wrapped my arms around him in my lap while Tyson crouched at the end of the slide. We counted to three and down we went. Then that chubby face looked up at me and said, "well that was underwhelming."

SO LET'S FACE THE FACTS: He couldn't have cared less about picking out his very first pumpkin. But again in my over-exuberance to show him the world, I just couldn't help but think to myself, "Everett is going to love this." {Just like I think that about feeding him a mini Thanksgiving dinner and seeing what his reaction to our Christmas tree is going to be. But I'm getting ahead of myself!} He might not have known exactly what he was there for. But he had a real nice time exploring that giant, wide-mouthed, friendly {I think} pumpkin, that measured him at exactly 2 feet tall. And what is October for, if not to be a tiny person next to a giant, wide-mouthed pumpkin?


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